Insight into the five most ambiguous relationships between men and women


Insight into the five most ambiguous relationships between men and women

They are not couples, but they often date, travel, drink, watch movies, and are fixed dating partners.

Generally speaking, in the popular sense, it can also be understood as “alcoholic friends”.

They often have a common interest in someone’s hobbies or behaviors, and each date can be cheerful, happy, and happy.

It also belongs to a to-be, and a willing-to-grow Jiang Taigong fishing mode.

  One of ambiguous relationships: brother sister (sister brother) ambiguous index: **** innocence index: *** relationship index: for “brother”, the significance of the existence of the little sister is to make him have the desire to protect her, whenWhen the heroism of a man needs to be poured out, when he feels helpless and lonely, the “little sister” ‘s well-being and weakness often make him feel more comfortable than ordinary tenderness, and her worship of him is even more soHe felt extra confident and just satisfied some of the men’s desire to conquer.

For “sister”, she wants very simple-be loved and protected.

  For “sister”, before there is no perfect boyfriend, “brother” is a very caring little follower. He is the dual benefit of a man and a boy. He will not intentionally get through with her. When she is in trouble, heHe will not betray the vow, and when her motherhood is revealed, he becomes a cute and naive “little thing”.

For “brother”, “sister” is often a trustworthy and feminine woman.

  Potential crisis: In real life, most “family” relationships are often difficult to evolve into true love relationships.

In this kind of relationship between men and women, there is more pity and love, there is little common language, let alone experience, and the feeling of “brother and sister” for “brother and sister” is often heavier and more complex, and it is veryIt is easy to fall into it, and it is difficult to extricate yourself. Once “ambiguity” is excessive, once “brother and sister” have a lover, “brother and sister” will inevitably become a stumbling block.

  Ambiguous relationship No. 2: Red-Yellow-Blue-Yellow Ambiguous Index: ***** Innocence Index: * Relationship Index: When you are upset, when you encounter various problems in life, they become “family fish”, and once the seawater returns to tide, They will swim.

Even if both sides have their own lovers, some private words and intimate words only speak to “Hong Yan Lan Yan”.

In a sense, this kind of relationship between men and women is mainly a love that stays on the spiritual level. It can also be said that, apart from the relationship between lovers, they only have physical communication.

  Potential crisis: Even the most innocent Hongyan and Lanyan confidants, once one lover is not open enough and sensible, it is easy to be misunderstood as a third person. After all, it is a man and a woman.It is inevitable to be over-emotional, and it is inevitable to “undress and undress”, and once the last line of defense is broken, this “confidant” relationship will not continue.

  Ambiguous relationship three: Online lover ambiguous index: ***** innocence index: ** relationship diabetes: online, they “love”, even antique wedding, two strangers who have never met before, word games are each otherDependence and source of interest.

They are addicted to it, and the internet makes them look “perfect”

  Different from ordinary online dating, this kind of online lover, most of them will not meet, but rely on the imagination of each other, creating a variety of romantic atmosphere and imagination.

  Unlike love in real life, the cost of online lovers is very low and does not need to bear moral pressure.

  Potential crisis: Because they love each other, only their own imagination, and the maze created by words.

So in case, if you meet, it will be difficult to imagine.

Even the beautiful dinosaurs are fine, if you find that the opposite is actually the same sex.
For married men and women, Plato-style extramarital affairs is certainly good, but if you don’t keep your computer properly, it will be embarrassing and affect you in real life.

  Ambiguous Relationship No. 4: Heterosexual Ambiguity Index: *** Innocence Index: *** Relationship Analysis: Compared to the same rent for women, men and women sharing brings more happiness, trust and relaxation.

Like the meaning of “matching men and women in the office, working without fatigue”, this new tenant relationship is full of interest in another sense.

Surveys show that most women of the opposite sex share the view that men do not care about women, the size of the room, the orientation, and who uses the bathroom too much, who uses less, and so on. They do n’t care about the details.It’s complicated, and it can even get so bad that the friends look away.

True men and women share mutual respect, maintain distance, and help each other. For both parties, they have not only experienced the main advantages of the opposite sex, but also avoided the hassle of suspicion, monopoly and preoccupation with each other.

  Potential crisis: The house itself is already very ambiguous. Single men and women share a room, even if it is not a room, they are very close.

People returning home often experience their original, casual, free, sloppy, and even ugly details of life are exposed to each other’s eyes, although they have developed into love because of their very close lifestyles, but after allA pair of men and women with distance.

The opposite sex of a shared house can easily develop into a couple, and evolve from a shared house to a cohabitation.

However, if you seek to share because of a moment of blindness or with a mentality to solve personal problems, you may be used by someone with ulterior motives, hurt your feelings, and disrupt your life. Ambiguous relationship # 5: Sexual partner ambiguous index: ***** Innocence Index: * Relationship Analysis: White Mills said in “Private Entanglement”: “A feature of modern people is the desire for unknown intimacy like finding wealth, appearing and stopping at the right time.
“In the meaning of today’s sexual partners, in addition to solving physical problems, it is more about comforting themselves and escaping from reality.

After all, they are afraid of loneliness, and more afraid of others who know they are lonely.

We need love and we can’t live without sex.

Most of the time, sex and love are just as important.

With a personality partner, at least with the warmth of the body, you can temporarily forget the loneliness of the mind.

  Potential crisis: Russell has long said: “Love can renew our entire lives, causing Gan Lin after the drought to be like plants.

Sex without love has no such power at all.

After a moment of joy, all that remained was tiredness, disgust, and the emptiness of life.
“Ambiguous relationship No. 6: part-time driver ambiguous index: **** innocence index: ** relationship diabetes: most of their relationships are developed from work and cooperation.
“A lot of times, it is women who take the initiative and think that it is natural for men to take care of them, and men’s” heroic “mentality always makes them feel honored.

This relationship is often used more often.

  Potential crisis: Because this relationship is based on the simple “take care of each other and use each other”, both men and women always lack a common language.

Once care fails, or the lack of thoughtful “services”, relationships can easily deteriorate.

In addition, some scandals also appear around this kind of “part-time parents”. Maybe you just took a ride ride, but how do others know where the end point of the car is?

  Ambiguous relationship number seven: dating partner ambiguous index: **** innocence index: ** relationship diabetes: they are not couples, but often date, travel, drink, watch movies . are fixed dating partners.

In a popular sense, it can also be understood as “friends of wine and meat”.

They often have a common interest in someone’s hobbies or behaviors, and each date can be cheerful, happy, and happy.

It also belongs to a to-be, and a willing-to-grow Jiang Taigong fishing mode.
  It seems that Xinxin’s relationship with men and women has been divided more and more, and needs to be divided according to responsibilities, hobbies, specific functions and other aspects.

The subtlety of this is that-things gather together.

  Potential crisis: If the relationship between dating partners is stable enough, determined, and based on common interests, it can be called like-minded.

If it is only one person who is lonely and needs recreation, and the other is a pure “n company”, then the relationship is suspected to be unclear.

Or the party willing to accompany is secretly in love with the party to accompany, this must be hurting one’s feelings and also consuming the other’s time.