Qin Liang suddenly asked seriously,Nervous,Jealous!


“Don’t talk nonsense,I have been here several times before,But all came with some of my best friends,There is no man every time,Don’t worry。”
Fluttershy blushes to explain。
In fact, this unique teahouse,It was his father who drove it!Just the staff here,Except the manager,No one knows her identity。
She deliberately didn’t park her Ferrari under the teahouse,Just for fear that the manager of the teahouse would see,In that case, he will immediately know that the dealer’s daughter is here,Then he will come and serve him personally immediately!
In this way, Qin Liang might discover her identity,So Fluttershy carefully concealed it in advance,Work to keep one’s identity secret,Well done。
“really?You didn’t lie to me?”
Qin Liang continues to play the role of jealous man。
“No la!Why am i lying to you?Really……”
Xiaodie Jiao said。
“Ok……I will believe you for a while。”
Qin Liang reluctantly answered,A look of doubt on his face。
“Are you jealous of me??”