“I don’t have time to wait,Those who believe in me get shelter,Believe it or not。”


“You don’t persuade me anymore?”
“I want to understand,I am not the savior,Can’t save everyone,Do your best。”
“Thinking like this can make you happier。”
“Thank you。”
Carlos understands,The love between myself and Chenguang is definitely not love,He doesn’t want to waste time talking about hypocritical chicken soup。
After a simple exchange,It’s another rhythm,It’s just that Erezalas’ seemingly calm appearance is a bit more weird。
Feeling like years when you have nothing to do,When the business is busy, I just want to ask where the time has gone。
Carlos promised Kildas a day in a blink of an eye,But when Carlos sent someone to check the situation,Kildas and his apprentices are gone。
It’s not that Kildas ran away and disappeared,But the Royal Library is really haunted。
Take ten thousand reluctant Dandema and eager Hamuul to explore,The traces of Kildas’ actions are not difficult to find。