“it is good。”


Shen Huan is not dissatisfied。
Mu Guishu smiled,Took out the phone,After scanning Shen Huan’s payment code,Started the transfer。
Mu Ruru turned around,Got close to Shen Huan:“Be honest,How much rough did your jadeite come from??”
“400Ten thousand。”Shen Huan answered honestly。
“Wow,Don’t you earn more than me?”Mu Ruru pouted unhappy again。
“Thanks to your help today,I also prepared a gift for you。”Shen Huan lowered her voice:“Four colors of emerald,About the size of a quail egg,You can take it back to play。”
Seeing Shen Huan think of herself so much,Mu Ruru was happy。
But she immediately discovered something was wrong。
four colors?
The jade that Shen Huan brought is just the same color!
What does this show?
Mu Ruru glanced at the backpack carried by Shen Huan。