Wang Jiadong says:“You just feel bad。”


“At least I haven’t praised it in person。”Peng Changyi strives for reason。
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“What you need is not praise,Is a spur!”
Peng Changyi grinned and said:“You have to give some fodder while spurring。”
“Haha。”Wang Jiadong smiled again,Said:“Let’s talk a few words,I’ll go out and arrange。”Talking,Went out。
Jiang Fan looked at Peng Changyi with a smile,Peng Changyi also glanced at him,Bend down and poured some water into Jiang Fan’s cup,Pretending to be in pain:“Mayor,I don’t miss you in general!Whatever you do, let us contact you,I fell asleep with the poem you left behind every day——”
Jiang Fan sat in the original position,Said:“Changyi,Brothers,I know what you mean,miss you,Must be thinking,I don’t want you?But I know,Although we lost contact,Friendship,Can’t stop at any time。”
Peng Changyi sat on the sofa next to him,Rubbing hands,Look away,Said:“It’s true。”
Peng Changyi who has a thousand words to say to Jiang Fan,Now suddenly I don’t know what to say first,He went to take the cup he brought in front of him,Just discovered,There is only one mouthful of water in the glass,But he still picked it up,Take a sip。
Jiang Fan saw that Peng Changyi was obviously unnatural,Just said:“Changyi,Although we are not in touch,But I know every time you make progress,Happy and proud of you。”
Peng Changyi rubbed his hands,Smiled embarrassedly,Said:“You won’t answer my call,Have no contact with Kangzhou at all,How did you know?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Want to smoke,After thinking about it, Peng Changyi doesn’t smoke,Put the cigarette case back in place,Said:“I heard Secretary Fan talk about you。”
“Oh?How is Secretary Fan??”
“Secretary Fan wants to move,Currently active。”
Whenever heard in officialdom“Move”After the word,I know I don’t want to be an official in the original place,Want to move somewhere;“activity”,Just run,Common name,Is an official。Peng Changyi nodded after listening,Asked again:“Do you have a goal??”
Jiang Fan said:“There are two meanings at the moment,One is the secretary of the provincial capital city,Provincial Standing Committee,One is the provincial party committee organization minister,He prefers the latter,I don’t want to worry about those hard indicators。”
“Yes,Great!mayor,Mayor,You said if you don’t leave,It’s better to bear it for two or three years。You are truly sacrificed on the eve of victory this time……”
Jiang Fan smiled,Going to touch that pack of cigarettes again,Peng Changyi reached out and brought the cigarette,Draw one,On my own mouth,After lighting,Hand it to him。