“Oh,Then wait a while,I will make the water first,And get some tea for you。”


Chen Hao agreed with a gentle smile,Then turned around and went to the kitchen。
“Ugh……Shen Ruoxi,You are so pompous,And there is such a beautiful and unparalleled close-knit girl by your side, waiting for you。”
After Chen Hao disappears in the kitchen,Murong Shan just smiled and joked。
“Envy?Be jealous?cut。”
Shen Ruoxi triumphantly。
“Min Min,I want to talk to you。”
Murong Shan suddenly turned her face and looked at Song Min with a smile and said。
“Do not!I don’t want to talk to you!Haha……”
Song Min immediately refused decisively!The meaning of Murong Shan’s words is too obvious,She is trying to persuade Song Min to be her personal benefactor,So Song Min answered her without thinking。
Everyone is laughing now。
“Let’s talk。”
Murong Shan pleaded。
“Do not,Don’t。”
Song Min continues to refuse。
“or……Swallow,Let’s talk?”
Murong Shan aimed at Yanzi again。
Swallow did not speak,But he smiled and shook his head,Song Min’s trap,Naturally she won’t go。
“No way?I also want to find a close-knit maid, is it so hard??”