“Is it possible that I am dazzled……”


Teacher Mei saw the scene just now,Somewhat dazzling。
Fang Yu’s small body,It’s easy to get that fat man。
“May Tutor……”
Qiao Yun hesitated。
They have to continue to visit。
of course,She was also surprised by Fang Yu’s power。
so amazing!
It seems that Fang Yu is the kind who looks thin,Actually still a strong person。
Hidden figure,No wonder it looks reliable。
That’s it。
“Let’s visit the operating room outside the emergency room……Although Fang Yu didn’t follow me,But also the best among you。Emergency room,It’s a place to train people。
Take a good look at how they assist Doctor Zhang in the operation。
This for you,Has a good reference meaning!”
Teacher May looks at them,Sure eyes。