[How to make small sesame oil]_How to make_How to make


[How to make small sesame oil]_How to make_How to make

Sesame oil is a very common condiment in daily life. After everyone’s like, generally when cooking soup, mixing vegetables or cooking some substitutes, add a certain amount of sesame oil, which can be extra delicious.

Small mill sesame oil is a relatively well-known traditional food. It has a history of thousands of years. According to different production methods, there are small mill sesame oil and machine pressed sesame oil. The aroma of small mill sesame oil is strong and strong.

① The quality of the selected sesame seeds directly determines the quality of the sesame oil.

The good domestic sesame seeds are full, bright in color, rich in nutrition, and delicious. It is an essential raw material for authentic authentic small grinding sesame oil.

② Screening Use an iron sieve to remove impurities and immature sesame seeds in sesame seeds.

The cleaner the screen, the better.

③Rinsing sesame After rinsing and soaking, not only the impurities such as side-by-side mud in sesame are removed, but the water is fully penetrated into the inside of the intact cells, so that the gel is swelled, and then the seeds are ruptured by heating and frying the seeds.may.

④ The sesame seeds rinsed with fried seeds are slowly fried with charcoal fire until the aroma overflows.

Among them, the method of frying sesame seeds, the heat of the season and the process of adding materials, are all passed down from generation to generation in a unique secret form.

⑤ The smoked sesame seeds are blown out of the pot and immediately radiated with an air sieve to reduce the temperature and lift off the dust, coke and broken skin.

Otherwise, it will not only reduce the oil yield, but also affect the taste and color of the sesame oil.

⑥ Refining: Grind the fried sesame into a sesame pulp with a stone mill.

The finer the sesame pulp is, the better, so that the oil cells are fully ruptured, and the brakes are taken for grease.

The stone grinding process is low temperature and low pressure, and the process temperature is only 60 ℃.
65 ° C, so it will not destroy the aromatic substances and nutritional components in the sesame oil, providing a guarantee for the nutritional balance.

Pour the sesame pulp into the oil frying pan, add in several times the equivalent of 80% of the weight of hemp pulp?
100% boiling water, then stir vigorously, and use different oil-water specific gravity and affinity difference to easily achieve oil embryo separation, and initially complete the process of replacing oil with water.

The number of times and the amount of water added has a great relationship with the quality of sesame oil, and the appropriate amount of water can ensure the quality of sesame oil.

⑧ Oscillation and oil separation, the purpose of oil skimming is to separate the oil from sesame pulp.

How much oil is skimmed each time varies according to the temperature.

In summer, you should skim more and stay, and in winter, skim less and stay.

When the oil has been skimmed, the temperature of hemp residue should be around 40 ° C.

Centrifugal filtration introduces the skimmed oil into the filter tank, uses natural plant fiber as the medium, and after natural filtration at a constant temperature, it is naturally blended in a stationary stainless steel precipitation tank. After 20 days, the appearance is clear, clear, fragrantA deliciously milled sesame oil.