Kael’thas’ attitude did affect Silvermoon City,High Elves increased their investment in war,This eased the tight logistics of Lordaeron。

Although there are ups and downs in the frontline war,But in Lordaeron,Peace seems to have arrived。 The first batch of 20,000 soldiers who returned home landed from many ports along the long coastline of Lordaeron one after another,Returning tired with a sound of injury,And glory and flowers。 But these cannot be eaten,It is urgent to […]

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Immediately,The assistant next to him handed him a script line。

Bu Tao explained when he watched:“Teacher Fei,Please act out this part,If you don’t understand, you can ask us。” “it is good!” Fei Qingyang sat down,Began to look seriously。 The script line that the assistant gave him,There is also a description of the character characteristics of Senior Inspector Liu Jianming,And his true identity。 Although there are […]

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Chapter Two satisfaction

Although all kinds of data are now contaminated,But those who do big data still have ways to get relatively real data。 From the data obtained by the playback platform,The appearance of Fang Hao in this show is a big highlight,There are already many girls on the Internet in Amway,Even pushed him on the hot search […]

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The other party doesn’t seem to be so stupid,Relatively smart,Just like this now Huang Lei,At this moment I have to laugh,At least this thing is better than he thought,that’s enough。

He said that, on the contrary, it made Song, whose surname is Song, also be inexplicable at this time.,I don’t even know what Huang Lei is thinking,They can’t think of it anyway。 He feels very bad now,I always feel that this matter is aimed at them,Especially Song of Song and Bai of Zhang Bai,It’s more […]

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I saw the wailing slowly fading down,After the golden particles spread out,Ragged,The skin is covered with golden dragon particles,Apparently eroded their bodies……

I saw that the hands of one of the holy spirits even completely lost any consciousness under the erosion,He looks down,Looking at my arms in despair“it is good……So strong!” Another holy spirit worshiper gritted his teeth,“Run away!Can’t stay here anymore!” I’m not thinking about how to complete the task,But I want to save my life!! […]

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Mo Xiaosheng rushed in,I saw Li Zhenlian fell to the ground with a stool,There is a suitcase that fell from the top of the cabinet。

“Nothing,Nothing,Just fell down。”Li Zhen waved his hand quickly,Leaning on the stool to get up,But together,Suddenly feel a sharp pain in the waist,Sat down again,I covered my back with my hand in pain。 “what happened,Brother Li?” Mo Xiaosheng rushed over,Touched his waist,Then breathed a sigh of relief,Bones okay,It should be just a normal muscle strain,He took […]

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“I didn’t carry you,I reported to you!”Manager Sui hurriedly said,“That’s it,When our pharmaceutical factory was just acquired by you,I asked you,Whether some uncompleted orders in the original factory will continue to be executed,You agreed to,Let’s continue production,Complete the order,This Yingkang pharmaceutical company,Has always been a partner of our family!”

Say this to him,Mo Xiaosheng remembered,Because the pharmaceutical factory was in a hurry to deliver,Some orders that were signed long ago have not yet been completed,Mo Xiaosheng didn’t let them cancel。 It seems that this matter may really have something to do with me,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but blame himself,I blame him for not carefully […]

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