Xu Xuan“咣”Smashed the hand on top of the head,Anger:“Nizoukai!”


The old hooligan coughed twice,Seeing other people’s eyes are also attracted,The serious and serious expression just now disappeared in an instant with a trace of wretched expression,That iconic dead face appears again。
Xu Xuan is a little tired。
This old guy is really raunchy。
He thought what the other party was doing,As a result, he hasn’t reacted yet,The old hooligan’s hand reached out to his head。
be cheated!
When he was still thinking about it,Duncan has used his evil hands on Xu Xuan’s head,撸 over and over again,again and again.
The hanger usually can’t see it,The speed of this meeting is too fast,Xu Xuan is too late to catch up.
Xu Xuan glared at him,I want to stare at this hanging man。
Duncan is unmoved,Coughed,After seeing other people transfer it in advance,Whispered:“Young people these days are so irritable,I give him a haircut, why doesn’t he understand me??”He turned to look at Kawaii on the side,Asked:“Am I right,Leonard。”
Can you take your hand off before speaking?
My hair style is very expensive,Do you know how much it costs for a care?
You hang up like this?