Chapter Three Hundred and Thirteen Three years later(Subscribe)
Ma Xiaotao, who was completely stabilized by the evil fire, gradually woke up from her drowsiness,Eyes slowly opened……
What catches the eye is Qianyu’s slightly green cheeks……
The middle-aged man observing by the side was astonished“It can really suppress Xiao Tao’s evil fire,The evil spirit of Qianyu,How high is the level?”
Ma Xiaotao slowly got up,Puzzled“Qianyu,You came!”
Qianyu nodded with a smile“Ok,Miss Tao,How do you feel now?”
Ma Xiaotao felt her steady breath,“pretty good,At least the evil fire was briefly suppressed!”
Then he wondered again“But Qianyu,Don’t you go back to class at the outer courtyard??”
It is reasonable to say that the first-year courses of the foreign school are very full……
Haven’t waited for Qianyu to speak,The middle-aged man came over,Explained“Peach,This little guy was detained in the Sea God Pavilion,But I was transferred here!”
Ma Xiaotao patted Qianyu’s shoulder with both hands,Worried“Imprisoned in Poseidon Pavilion?Qianyu,What did you do!”
Qianyu whispered back“Miss Tao,I lost control of Wuhun during the freshman assessment!”
Ma Xiaotao thoughtfully“Is the evil spirit out of control??No wonder!”
Then Qianyu is lucky to be able to save his life!
The middle-aged man interrupted the conversation between the two,“All right,Peach,You have time to talk,But still need to imprison this little guy”
Ma Xiaotao displeased“Qianyu doesn’t do anything,Don’t need to be detained!”
The middle-aged man shook his head,“Peach,I can’t help it,This is Lao Mu’s order,He is not even allowed to practice soul power!”
Hear words,Ma Xiaotao said angrily“He didn’t even let his soul power training?”