One task is better than one task。


But Su Zheng’s eyes changed,There is a hint of.Can it be like this?
“Of course it can。”Huaiye sits beside Su Zheng,He noticed just now,Su Zheng has some places,Looks a bit similar to Yuze。Sitting with Yuze,It really feels like being a blood relative。No wonder people say that uncle is uncle,It’s not just for fun。
“Do you want to change clothes?”Huaiye reminds Su Zheng,“Since I helped the memorial service again,Then the people who come will be different。As the only child of the old man,It’s not good to come on stage and entertain guests in clothes like rotten vegetable leaves.?”
Su Zheng was stunned,I looked at myself dullly,There is still a stain on the jacket sleeve,Really inappropriate。
Yuze is in a bad mood now,But it’s not easy to get angry in front of Su Zheng,Just stand up,“I’ll take you。”Ou’s side quickly prepared everything。
Su Zheng was cleaned up by the stylist,Sit down again,Su Zheng suddenly smiled and said,“rich,so good.”Do not,Nor is it,“Have the ability to protect themselves,so good.”
Yuze lit a cigarette,“Before Mr. Su He died,Did you leave any words?”
Su Zheng was silent,“You don’t want to know。”
Yuze took a sip,“He hopes I can get along with Su Xiaofei in peace,Cultivate grounding feelings,Really?”
Su Zheng lowered his head,“About his party lady,I’ve been carrying a lot of guilt。So he doesn’t want to see the future,You will become soft because you are happy,So I regret not being better to Sun Xiaofei.In case Sun Xiaofei is dead by then,This is a big regret。He cares about you the most,Naturally don’t want you to have any regrets.Ms. Dang is a very smart person.but.”
“but,My dad is sure,Ms. Dang knew that her father had passed away,I regret it。Because some words,Even insult,Only when people are alive,Have a chance to say。”Su Zheng leaned his head back on the chair,Asked for a cigarette with Yuze,“My father later,Always feel,Except life and death,Nothing else.His level is good,Mentality,I think,Even if it’s the moment of life and death,May not agree with it.”
Anyway,Su is sure that there will be no regrets or regrets。The life of the party lady,Are ruined by more than half of their selfish parents and relatives who have no sense of responsibility。If Ms. Dang is a person who will accept her fate,I guess she can’t find her grave.Su Zheng also knows,I have always been very aggressive,Even after the death of his father,He still has many ideas,Nothing changed。
“Regret before death,How much is it because of fear?Afraid of death,The people you care about are implicated and liquidated.”Yuze will not have any approval,“Me and Sun Xiaofei,I can never be a sibling。I will never be able to get along with her,I will regret it in the future.”
Very simple,“Because i have sister,I have brothers,I know the relationship between real brothers and sisters,How sincere and beautiful it is,and so,I would never want the share that Sun Xiaofei can give me。Didn’t get,Easy to regret,But i have,There are even many,I have no regrets。My family members,Won’t give me a chance to regret。”
It’s that simple。
Yuze looked at Su Zheng,“Mr. Su He would be so sorry,Because of his family,Gave him countless disappointments and regrets,This is not his own fault,It’s the fault of others。But Mr. Su He probably retreated and gave up when he was young,Right party lady,To many people,I’m sorry,and so,Will be good at finding reasons in yourself,I think he is not doing well enough,That’s why there are so many regrets and regrets.”
“This way of thinking,I won’t have。I have no sorry people,No one needs to be worthy。I to the one i love,Always very good.I have no regrets。”
Su Heneng guarded the many last words and requirements of the party lady like this,Not at all crooked,Yuze is sure,When he was young,What the Su family did to Ms. Dang,Even if he didn’t participate,But also a bystander。and so,He has such a big guilt.