Compared to those dull formal games,They obviously prefer this,Easy、Handsome,After all, face value represents everything. . 17Morning9point,Xu Xuan followed Dayao to the men’s basketball training base。 Dayao came to pick it up in person。 This is not only a training base for men’s basketball,It is also the residence of the Olympic delegation。 This way,Xu Xuan has […]

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But BMW male Never left,Still follow slowly behind,Stretched his head and said:“Joey,I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning,Professor Hua came to explain the case to us,We have to go early。”

“no need,My husband will send me。”Qiao Yiyi frowned,Look disgusted,In fact, she had a good impression of this person,Only now I found out that he has such a thick face。 “How to send,Send it by foot?”The BMW man sneered。 “Ferrari,Send with my Ferrari。”Mo Xiaosheng also gave him a blank look,This person is really annoying,As if someone […]

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There was warm applause from the audience,A group of young men and women also expressed with warm applause,Compared to this song《Chinese Kung Fu》Still nice,Still interesting!

It sounds simple at first glance,But the more you listen, the more interesting,The more smell。 If it wasn’t for Zhao Changshou to sing it three times,They can’t detect it。 “For the talent of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng,For Mr. Zhao Changshou’s singing skills,I’ve already admired it。”Lankai don’t talk nonsense,Directly highlighted“by”brand:“Such a combination does not advance,Heaven is forbidden。” […]

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Say“hate”Must be exaggerated,But a group of mathematicians are right“Shen Huan Algorithm”When walking into a dead end,At least more than one-third of mathematicians,All questioning“Shen Huan guess”Is it a kind of imagination without logic,Rather than knowledge that can be discussed。

This makes Shen Huan unbearable。 Your own spicy chicken,Dare to say in front of me“Shen Huan guess”baffling,Isn’t this insulting our scientists in another world?? Shen Huan first told them,First first,A mathematician’s guess is not necessarily logical,Not necessarily right。 Hundreds of years,Haven’t many conjectures been proved wrong?? In that case,Why can’t I make a guess? Then […]

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After all, Su Luo’s Tin Hau Entertainment Economic Company,Artists under its banner,Several people have become popular today,More than a dozen people are comparable to first-line stars。</p>

E.g,The most prosperous Xiaohuadan in China,Zhu Xudan,Chen Yuqi,There used to be101Girl group members。</p> Su Luo’s support,How could these people not be prosperous,Entertainment Economy Corporation,And then signed Zhao Jinmai,With Zhao Rusi。</p> Both of these two are very popular,The future must be bright,The future can be expected。</p> It is worth mentioning that,The origin of the name of […]

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This thing is really embarrassing and depressing,Thought for a while,I really can’t figure out some of these things,Huang Lei still chooses to exercise。

So far, I can only wait for the little girl to get the pill,Only in this way can we solve the problem fundamentally,Otherwise this time,Every day’s practice is actually a little futile。 Huang Lei’s thoughts are actually the thoughts of Song of Song and Bai of Zhang Bai,The two of them were as weak as […]

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“Kobe Bryant as the helm,Be brave!He is a veritable captain of the Lakers!He controls the offensive and defensive rhythm of the game!He for Chris-Childs’ oppression is the most critical point for the Lakers to press,The New York Knicks point guard feels the speed of being ruled by the top superstars~Feel it??”

“Not only defensive steals!Kobe’s assists and fast break are also the most critical points for the Lakers!” “Single section6cast4in,12Minute1Backboard3Assist3Steal0Mistake!Perfect performance!The magician is happy from ear to ear!” “The Lakers and Magic have really found their successors,It’s just that this successor’s scoring ability is a bit strong。” The cheers of the Great Western Forum Arena are […]

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